Learn To Embrace the Dark Emotions Through Integrative Mindful Exposure

Welcome to my website and thank you for dropping by. I have been working as a clinical psychologist in private practice for over twenty years. Over that time I have evolved some guiding philosophies and practices that have coalesced as a result of some of my various academic and personal experiences and interests. After some years of deliberation and encouragement from others, I have finally decided to “throw down the bones” and create this book.

I have written this book as a guide for my patients to help support them in their work with me. The brave men and women who have entrusted me with their care serve as the inspiration and impetus for creating this project. It is my hope and intent that this book may also be a benefit for other therapists and their patients who as well are engaged in the pursuit of directly facing the so called “dark emotions”. It is also my hope that others, who may not be currently engaged in a therapeutic endeavor, may also derive benefit from this.  We are all embarked upon a journey of self-discovery and healing whether or not we are conscious and deliberate in this pursuit. This book can serve as a guide and road map to facilitate a more conscious personal journey.

The book is currently available through this website.
It is also available on Amazon and Kindle.



Forward by Dr. Donald J. Levis

I am greatly honored that Dr. Levis was gracious enough to provide a forward for my book. Dr. Levis is adistinguished professor of psychology. After achieving his doctorate from Emory University, Dr. Levis took a faculty position at the University of Iowa. While there, he and a colleague, Dr. Thomas Stampfl, teamed up to conduct basic and applied research pertaining to “two-factor” fear theory. This research ultimately resulted in the publication of Implosion Therapy, a clinical model and technique that draws upon elements of behavioral learning theory as well as psychodynamic perspectives. As such, they were one of the first integrationalists in the clinical domain. Drs. Stampf and Levis were once featured on a nationally broadcast special series hosted by Walter Cronkite (a renowned CBS TV news anchor) entitled “Fighting Fear With Fear”.

Dr. Levis has gone on to publish a large number of research articles, book chapters and books. He has been a distinguished professor for many years at Binghamton University and was instrumental in creating the graduate training program in clinical psychology and was the first chairman of the department.  He has received innumerable distinctions from a wide array scholarly and professional bodies.  Dr. Levis continues in his role as professor at the university.

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