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Core Shame Identity vs Toxic Shame

Core Shame Identity vs Toxic Shame (the following is extracted, in part, from the forthcoming book’s introduction) The notion of shame to which most people refer is an emotional experience or state that waxes and wanes in response to specific triggers and cues, not unlike any other emotion. But there is also what can be considered the trait of shame, a more durable, unyielding and chronic manifestation of shame. It is as stealthy as it […]

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Shame Book

Shame Book (in progress……) Hi to everyone! All apologies for my prolonged absence. All is well. I just wanted to let folks know that I have been busy working on another book. It is tentatively entitled Perfect Pain/ Perfect Shame. It essentially is a further exploration of the philosophies and practices of what I term Integrative Mindful Exposure with specific application to the issue of “Toxic Shame” or what I prefer to refer to as […]

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Recognizing Toxic Shame

Recognizing Toxic Shame is possibly the first and most critical step in learning how to work with the experience of shame. But, in order to do so, we must be able to identify it’s presence and effects. The following is a selection of items from the Personal Shame Inventory (PSI) which was presented in its entirety in the fourth chapter of the book, “How To Lose Control”.  The primary reason that I developed this inventory, […]

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Mindfulness and Shame

Mindfulness and Shame In Buddhist cosmology, a number of spiritual realms are depicted including hell realms, the hungry ghost realm, the animal realm, the human realm and so on. Increasingly, these are not so much discussed as actual physical places, but as  useful metaphors to understand the status of one’s spiritual evolution. These realms are largely seen as the bi-product of our entrapment into cycles of reactive emotion. It is this force that creates endless […]

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