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Shame Book

Shame Book (in progress……) Hi to everyone! All apologies for my prolonged absence. All is well. I just wanted to let folks know that I have been busy working on another book. It is tentatively entitled Perfect Pain/ Perfect Shame. It essentially is a further exploration of the philosophies and practices of what I term Integrative Mindful Exposure with specific application to the issue of “Toxic Shame” or what I prefer to refer to as […]

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Anxiety is Not an Emotion!

Anxiety and Mindfulness: Anxiety is Not an Emotion!   When asked, very frequently, people indicate that they are experiencing anxiety. Or often, they indicate that they are stressed. And in extreme arousal states they might even indicate that they are experience panic.  What do these frequently utilized terms actually mean? Often, when I ask my clients how or what they are feeling, they might reply with one of the above labels, as if they are […]

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Anger and Compassion

Anger and Compassion: A meditation Anger is a very natural response in any situation in which our goals or ambitions are blocked or when we are personally experiencing threat from another. Or natural inclination is to strike back and retaliate in an aggressive or even violent manner. We have all experienced this. So if one cuts in front of us on the highway, our first inclination may be to engage in the well worn path […]

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Mindfulness and Stress 2

Mindfulness and Stress 2 So as has been described in the previous as well as other posts on this blog, it is the prolonged vulnerability and complete dependency upon our primary caregivers as neonates and children that serves as the incubator for much of our future anxieties, fears, conflicts, and general life pain. As a child, anything that threatens our attachment with our caregivers ranging from simple acts of parental non-responsiveness (non-attunement), frowns, yelling, corporal […]

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Mindful Caregiving

Mindful Caregiving 1 I have been invited to give an address to the Tri-State Scleroderma Foundation in Binghamton, NY on August 10. My address is not to address the issue of Scleroderma per se but rather to help the caregivers of individuals of Scleroderma or for that matter any progressive or chronic disease. And so the information presented here is motivated by and derived from this issue and concern. The primary focus is on the […]

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Mindfulness and Boredom

Mindfulness and Boredom Little is typically written about boredom but it is actually one of the most difficult emotions to embrace and one which, if not mindfully recognized can render very destructive consequences. We have all experienced boredom. It might be experienced on a dreary winter day when there are no planned activities, waiting in a doctors office, sitting in an airport after a flight delay, a droning college lecture and so on. Boredom is […]

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Emotional Mindfulness

Emotional Mindfulness So in the last few posts, I have been offering tools and approaches to enhance present focus and mindfulness in meditation and everyday life. However, this begs the question, How is it that we have become unmindful in the first place? Why is it that “we all live a distance from ourselves”. Why is it so hard to stay present, even when the process of being “absent from the moment” produces so much […]

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Mindful Worry 2

Mindful Worry 2 So what do we do about the worry and near ceaseless anxiety provoking ruminations that plague us? We are exhorted to believe in the phrase”Don’t worry, be happy”. Yet we are offered no instructions on how to accomplish that. It is my belief that any attempt to control or engineer our emotional experience will actually contribute to continued unhappiness. So OK, then, what to do? We established in the previous post that […]

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Mindful Worry

The first noble truth: We all worry. Some more than others. And some worry so much that it actually enters the realm of a diagnosable condition referred to as general anxiety disorder (GAD). In GAD, there is frequent cognitive rumination and worried thoughts, accompanied by a variety of physiological manifestations such as chronic musculoskeletal tension. Why do we worry? The answer is fairly straightforward. We worry out of fear. In a sense, worry is an […]

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Emotional mindfulness: The Warrior’s Path

Emotional Mindfulness: the Warrior’s Path -“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, whereas an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” The above statement was allegedly produced by Don Juan Mateus, a Yaqui “Man of Knowledge” as revealed by his apprentice Carlos Castenada. While the authenticity of Mr. Castenada’s accounts are a great source of controversy, there is no doubt […]

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