Shame Book

Shame Book

(in progress……)

Hi to everyone! All apologies for my prolonged absence. All is well. I just wanted to let folks know that I have been busy working on another book. It is tentatively entitled Perfect Pain/ Perfect Shame. It essentially is a further exploration of the philosophies and practices of what I term Integrative Mindful Exposure with specific application to the issue of “Toxic Shame” or what I prefer to refer to as Core Shame Identity. The outpouring of responses to my posts on the topic of shame as well as feedback from colleagues and other sources, have compelled me to further explore this very important but largely neglected issue. The book will explore the integration of philosophies and techniques derived from modern behaviorism and Buddhist psychology to addressthe thorny issue of shame. The concept of what I term Radical Presence will be presented in light of the specific challenges imposed by the issue of shame.

Apologies for my absence!!

Apologies for my absence!!

A literary agent is currently reviewing the new book proposal and sample chapters. Pending her feedback, a decision will be made whether to pursue a traditional publisher or to publish independently as with my previous book. In any event, I want to let my blog readers to know that I will recommence checking in on this blog and responding to comments.

I apologize to those comments that I have neglected in recent months. I am always so appreciative of those who have courageously shared very personal challenges and issues in response to my posts. The comments and questions that are offered help to validate the feelings and concerns shared by other readers and serve as an inspiration for others to remain steadfast in their pursuit of growth. This journey can no doubt feel daunting and at times very lonely. To know that there are many others pursuing growth through their pain can help people who are treading unfamiliar terrain in their personal journeys.

I hope to soon recommence offering posts, well before my book nears completion.

  1. Hi, I have just discovered your site and am very interested in your work. I am a counselling student and a survivor of childhood trauma. I have been working on experiencing my emotions more authentically and have discovered a core of shame that is deep inside me that colours everything I do. Usually I am unaware of it because I dissasociate, intellectualise or suppress the feelings. I have read Karla MacLaren “The Language of Emotion” which is great, however she doesn’t deal much with shame as an identity issue.
    I also have used mindfulness for anxiety and depression and it is very effective. I am looking forward to looking at your work so far and your new book. Regards, Diane K

    • I am closing in on completion. In the meanwhile, you may want to check out books by Brene brown and John Bradshaw. Thank you Dianne and stay tuned!:)

  2. I cannot wait to read! 🙂

    • It’s coming soon! The manuscript is complete and just finished editing. Just doing some final review and formatting. So stay tuned!!!

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