Coming Soon: Mindful Exposure Books

Impermanence and change are inevitable. Impermanence often contains a negative connotation and often associated with loss, death, and tragedy. But often we miss the other side of the coin; that something must end in order for something else to begin. And so this blog site must soon die in order to make way for something new.

Very soon I will be offering a new book principally devoted to the topic of shame. As such, a new blog site will be launched to feature that book. However, many other topics will be addressed even if not directly related to the matter of the book. This current blog site will be shut down, but do not fear, all content from this site will be available on the new site. The new site can be reached using the same URL…  And it will have a new name.. Mindful Exposure Books.

So… Stick around…. I’ll be back

Have a present day 🙂

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